Bible Stories for Kids: The Tower of Babel

After the Great Flood, Noah’s descendants fell away from following the one true God. At that time all people in the world had the same language. The inhabitants of Babel began to build a huge tower by which they wanted to make themselves famous and to avoid being scattered. This was sinful because they did it in disobedience to God’s command to Noah: “Fill the earth.”

Noah’s three sons were named Shem, Ham, and Japheth. From them came all the people that lived on the earth. In the years after the Great Flood their descendants grew and grew in number according to God’s promise.

At this time all these people had one language, so that each person could understand what every other person said. As time went by they said to one another, “Let’s all stay in one place. We don’t want to scatter to different parts of the earth as God wants us to. This is our plan so that we will stay together: We will make bricks to build a city. And we will build a tower whose top reaches up to the heaven. Then everyone will want to stay here. We will be mighty and famous… continue >

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Genesis 11:1-9

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